A downpour

It isn't a mistake that a downpour hits my window tonight, that the raindrops slide carefully through the glass. It isn't a mistake that the night's darkest than it seems, that the clouds cover the sky and the fog accumulates in front of the mountains. It isn't a mistake that the atmosphere is silent and [...]

To the sky

After all those wings will take you up, so high. So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and... Take to the sky. -Owl City When our eyes rise to look up to the sky and our imagination flutters free through the air, that's when our thoughts come together in a perfect [...]

La tristeza que nunca llegó

No estoy muy inspirada para escribir una introducción pero puedo decir que a veces nos acostumbramos tanto a sentir una emoción específica por alguien, que nos extraña cuando dejamos de sentirla y luego nos forzamos a sentirla de nuevo cuando en realidad todo lo que queda es seguir esperando. La tristeza que nunca llegó Sentado [...]

Maybe tomorrow…

I was just thinking about how popular is the word "maybe" in our society and that the expression "maybe tomorrow" is even more popular. This is why I decided to write something that represents what I think each time I hear someone say "maybe tomorrow". Have I said it? Of course yes, who doesn't. But [...]