Maybe tomorrow…

I was just thinking about how popular is the word “maybe” in our society and that the expression “maybe tomorrow” is even more popular. This is why I decided to write something that represents what I think each time I hear someone say “maybe tomorrow”. Have I said it? Of course yes, who doesn’t. But each time I say it, I realize: “Maybe tomorrow is not going to be another day” and then I try to change my expression. I must say it isn’t easy but its a hundred percent true (I’m very sure) that tomorrow is unknown land.


Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine more than today, maybe my window will show more than just houses and streets. Maybe tomorrow birds will sing joyful trills, maybe life will smile at me again, maybe the clouds will depart. Maybe tomorrow there will be more  colorful flowers than today, maybe the wind will blow gently, maybe tigers will be less aggressive. Perhaps tomorrow the houses’ roofs will reflect the day’s happiness and balconies will show a better society.

Perhaps today is a good day, the fireflies shine tonight. It’s not so bad after all, butterflies flutter and there are trees and flowers growing. Today the clouds sing from the sky and the sun’s rays heat up the planet with all its strength and will. Maybe today is not so bad. There’s still air to breathe, landscapes waiting to be admired, tigers waiting to be faced… maybe it’s not a perfect day, maybe it’s not tomorrow, but it’s all we have.

Maybe tomorrow light will not come out, there will not be joyful trills. Perhaps my window will no longer show anything and life will show its back to me again. Maybe tomorrow the clouds will prefer to stay and flowers will no longer show their colors. Maybe the wind will blow with the strength of a tornado and tigers will increase their distrust. Maybe the houses’ roofs will turn off their light with sadness and balconies will be filled with oblivion. Perhaps the sun will shine less than today.

Maybe I could do my homework tomorrow.

Maybe I could say “I love you” tomorrow.

Maybe I could smile tomorrow.

Maybe I could give a hug tomorrow.


But maybe not.


Because maybe tomorrow will not exist.



2 thoughts on “Maybe tomorrow…

  1. This is such a deep, enchanting description and one to open your eyes. Many times we leave the important things for later, don’t go after it because ‘maybe’ it’ll be better if you do it ‘tomorrow’. The truth is you only have one life, and if you keep simply waiting for better you’ll probably die waiting. Great post once again 🙂 !

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