Catching pigeons

Dreams tend to be slippery, you want them so badly that you pursue them desperately not realizing that the more you chase them, the more they’ll slip away. Dreams are like pigeons, you try to catch them but it’s impossible to do it without scaring them. Once you think you have it, it can disappear at any moment in front of your eyes. It’s hard to believe in yourself, you see your dreams slowly going away. It’s hard to think it’s not impossible to continue…

Dreaming of stars

Every night, before going to bed, she looked out her window and up to the sky. She could admire those twinkling spots in the firmament, each time she saw them, she dreamt about reaching them. Hours had pass since her mom told her it was time to go to bed, but it was impossible to stop looking the shining stars that appeared in her dreams. She turned off her lamp and tried to sleep but in her mind, every time she closed her eyes, the twinkling spots appeared in a dark paradise.

All of a sudden, her window opened sharply. She was wide awake and could see the bright sky just above, she could feel the gentle breeze blowing on her cheeks and the fresh grass under her. The dream catcher tied to the bedhead shook violently and the bell-shaped decorations dangling off the window frame clattered in a whispery echo. She felt the stars approximating to her, she felt she could touch them if she extended her arms, she saw one last strong brightness between her hands. The sun woke up next day shining up in the sky, the light entering through the curtains bothered her and made her open her eyes.


She had the sensation she dreamt something last night but she couldn’t remember what, it was all so fuzzy…


Sometimes you struggle to catch your dreams, running through the corridors of your mind, hiding behind your memories.

They’re there.

They’re yours.

But sometimes it’s better to take your time, sit on a bench, leave some breadcrumbs on the floor and wait until they come to you.




One thought on “Catching pigeons

  1. Awesome post. One time, I had just moved, and I searched and searched for this little mp3 player that I always listened to but I couldn’t find it. I was searching for days, until I just resigned to the fact that it was gone. Several days after I gave up the search and forgot about the mp3 player, I had a dream where I opened this box and found the mp3 player. I had searched that box a couple of times already, but the next day I woke up and looked in that box and found the mp3 player.

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