Hidden inside a forest

Lost through tall trees, between green grass and dry leaves are our memories, like wind blowing inside our minds. Wind can be soft and gentle or rough and treacherous, wind can be cold or it can be warm. Memories can be like a tornado running through your mind or like gentle breeze accompanying a hot summer day, they can be a lightning in the middle of the night or the echo of crows circling the sky. They can be like fuzzy blue lights in your eyes or even like the whisper of trees when the wind is zigzagging between them.

New lessons to learn everyday, new people to meet and new experiences to gain are the main components of our memories. Those situations you want to keep forever in a a little case, those persons you never want to let go, they are all part of that beautiful forest full of life growing inside your mind. Every person carries a story, everyone carry dreams, everyone carry memories. Memories we collect during whole life: sad, colorful, tough, ephemeral… but all of them have a purpose.

Everyone needs to leave the past in the past, but no one should leave memories behind because those issues that made you stronger, a better person will be like stars shaping the road for you, guiding you through the right path.

What are you waiting for? Present awaits.

And don’t worry, those memories you don’t want to let go will be there. Don’t look back, they will be always there. Hidden inside a forest.


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4 thoughts on “Hidden inside a forest

  1. This was an astounding description, with a truly wonderful message! I like to think that when people come together they are like one big tree (e.g a couple), but they all have their different purpose, one may be the crown at the top in filtering the dust and one may be the root absorbing water-but in the end they are one.


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