Hungry eyes

Once eyes have seen, they can’t forget. The dreamy essence of his gaze has been the cause of insomnia in my late nights. Once eyes have felt, they can’t never let go. In the middle of the darkness, his gaze was full of shooting stars, when I was cold, his eyes warmed mine. When I had doubts, his eyes gave me hope, when I was tired, they gave me perseverance and when I couldn’t see the exit of a bleak maze, they lit up my way out of the shades.

The past behind my eyes has made my gaze look brighter and the experience they have gained can’t left the abandonment apart but now I can say that the world looked from behind the lenses of my glasses is constantly changing. That’s what the eyes show, our thoughts and beliefs, they are like mirrors of our souls. They can underestimate someone, they can show respect, wonder and faith, all in one short glance.

His eyes have always been like ten million fireflies shining in a dark alleyway. So if one night I’m standing on my balcony and he’s looking at the crescent moon, I would feel his heavenly gaze mixing with the majestic stars and shining strong over me.

Because it doesn’t matter if I have to watch him go or wave goodbye twice, sooner or later I will have to do it.

But my hungry eyes could never forget the touch of his delicate gaze, as it is the reason of their heavy fog among their fleeting glance.



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