Another century

There’s a place, under the sidewalk near to the beach. There she lies and from there she can feel the steps above the hard pavement. From six meters under the sidewalk, she can hear the sea waves, she can hear the seagulls squealing and she can hear the noises of the cars. People talking, laughing, high heels through the sidewalk or children playing with the sand. She can hear everything that passes the avenue, dogs barking, bicycles driving through. She could also hear the door of nearby shops opening and closing, bells ringing, music playing and raindrops falling.

Then, after waiting for centuries, she could hear some familiar steps coming in her direction. A light of hope soon lit her face, joy dripping in her tears. The steps came closer, she tried to reach them with her hands but they were slippery. Suddenly, they stopped and she could feel them standing just above her, still she couldn’t see anything but she could imagine someone checking his phone or his watch. Someone waiting for the cars to stop so he can walk to the other side of the street. She felt the steps again, they were now turning away. She didn’t whimper, she couldn’t sob, she had no tears in her eyes just a lump in her throat.

She was still six meters under the hard pavement. And maybe she will have to wait for another century, hearing what happens near the beach and above the sidewalk.






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