Reddish Afternoon

Standing on a bridge, looking the canopies sailing across the peaceful river and a freezing breeze fills the air.

Didn’t you flash your sweet eyes at me? I swear you did. When we were both standing under that reddish afternoon, the autumn leaves were falling but we couldn’t see them. Can’t you remember? When the coldness chilled us to the bones and our hands couldn’t touch because we were using gloves. Really? I thought you were with me that afternoon, who was it then? I thought you were real, I thought you and I met but it was maybe in a dream because I swear I saw you somewhere. I swear you flashed those sweet eyes at me in that reddish afternoon. Weren’t you the one who was saying goodbye the last time we saw each other in this same bridge? Are you sure? Ok, I believe you. But I can’t stop thinking we saw each other somewhere else…

However, I think it’s very late to keep standing on this old bridge. I better go home, is getting cold here.


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Reglas básicas de la vida

Si el destino me pidiera que calificara la vida del uno al diez, yo le pondría un diez. No sólo porque es la única ilusión que en verdad tengo sino porque no tienes opción de escoger cuanto sufres, las veces que ríes, las lagrimas que derramas, los gritos que liberas. Ni siquiera escoger las personas que te cruzas, ni los sentimientos que sueltas por ellas. No seleccionas la cantidad de odio que segregas, ni la cantidad de amor que sientes.

Puedes engañar a la vida, pero sólo alargarás la tortura que el destino ha planeado. Puedes fingir risas, pero ellas nunca serán parte de tus elecciones. Las opciones que te da la vida nunca llevan por el camino que trazan, tienen una apariencia distinta a lo que son. Puedes escoger la vida que quieres seguir pero ninguno de los efectos te pertenecerá.

No puedes escoger las cosas que pierdes, ni las que ganas, ni las que arriesgas. No puedes controlar las enfermedades que sufres, ni el tiempo de salud que te queda, ni el fin de tus días. No puedes averiguar cuanta belleza perciben tus ojos, ni cuanto tiempo durará. Tampoco controlas por cuanto tiempo vivirán tus recuerdos, por cuanto tiempo perdurará la inmortalidad de tus minutos de vida. Nadie controla lo que pasa, ni lo que viene, ni lo que fue.

Así me pasó a mí, no pude manejar mi esquizofrénica e inquieta vida. No pude manejar la ansiedad que trajo mi mundo, ni los retazos cuadripléjicos que de él quedaron. Y si algún día el destino me pide calificar la vida del uno al diez, le daría un diez. Porque es la única ilusión en la que no puedo escoger cuantas veces río, cuantas lagrimas derramo y cuantos gritos libero.


Just below the heart of the jungle, there’s a waterfall, one to which we tend to approach. We tend to come closer every time. We’re like a fish trying to touch the water of that magical waterfall we trust so much, because we can see birds near it and we can see other animals coming closer too. So, inocently, we bow too much and the mighty water drag us down. It’s there when we realize that the waterfall was just a delusion and we were just daydreaming. Like a salmon, we have to get out of the jail that unreal raindrops create all around us. But if salmons can swim upstream to lay their eggs, why can’t we swim away of this waterfall of promises we have forgotten?


I had some problems with my laptop, that’s why I couldn’t upload anything in the last week (I couldn’t keep writing my books either). I wrote this short story (if it can be called that way) some days ago, I was just waiting to upload it. Promise the next one will be longer… 😉


In the interstellar space

Would you dare to travel through space? Would you do it for someone?

Because I would if I heard you call, but I can’t remember when was the last time you said my name, when was the last time I traveled through the galaxy.

The last time I saw the beauty of Saturn’s rings and found inspiration in Jupiter’s red spot. I was like a probe taking a closer look to my beloved Europa and Titan, traveling across the solar system trying to find you. That’s when I stopped hearing your voice, when I waved Neptune goodbye and hugged little Pluto goodnight. Then I saw the Kuiper’s belt and got lost on it.

So here’s when I ask you: would you dare to travel through space? Because I would if I heard that voice again. I’ll dare to do it right now. Although I’m lost in the interstellar space.


Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been very busy with homework, academic things… you know. Well, hope you like it and I promise I won’t take too long in updating again, at least not for now. It depends on how school’s going.