Reddish Afternoon

Standing on a bridge, looking the canopies sailing across the peaceful river and a freezing breeze fills the air. Didn't you flash your sweet eyes at me? I swear you did. When we were both standing under that reddish afternoon, the autumn leaves were falling but we couldn't see them. Can't you remember? When the [...]


Reglas básicas de la vida

Si el destino me pidiera que calificara la vida del uno al diez, yo le pondría un diez. No sólo porque es la única ilusión que en verdad tengo sino porque no tienes opción de escoger cuanto sufres, las veces que ríes, las lagrimas que derramas, los gritos que liberas. Ni siquiera escoger las personas [...]


Just below the heart of the jungle, there's a waterfall, one to which we tend to approach. We tend to come closer every time. We're like a fish trying to touch the water of that magical waterfall we trust so much, because we can see birds near it and we can see other animals coming [...]


In the interstellar space

Would you dare to travel through space? Would you do it for someone? Because I would if I heard you call, but I can't remember when was the last time you said my name, when was the last time I traveled through the galaxy. The last time I saw the beauty of Saturn's rings and [...]