Reddish Afternoon

Standing on a bridge, looking the canopies sailing across the peaceful river and a freezing breeze fills the air.

Didn’t you flash your sweet eyes at me? I swear you did. When we were both standing under that reddish afternoon, the autumn leaves were falling but we couldn’t see them. Can’t you remember? When the coldness chilled us to the bones and our hands couldn’t touch because we were using gloves. Really? I thought you were with me that afternoon, who was it then? I thought you were real, I thought you and I met but it was maybe in a dream because I swear I saw you somewhere. I swear you flashed those sweet eyes at me in that reddish afternoon. Weren’t you the one who was saying goodbye the last time we saw each other in this same bridge? Are you sure? Ok, I believe you. But I can’t stop thinking we saw each other somewhere else…

However, I think it’s very late to keep standing on this old bridge. I better go home, is getting cold here.


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