For all those who are not here

For all those who are not here we sing to the mountains. For all those no one will forget and will keep living in our minds. For all those who are not here we pray to the sky, for them to have a good trip and be forever free. Those who are now so confusing that we can’t see them between the crowd or flying with the birds, those who have gone because they had to. For all of them is that we write stories and we sing songs, for all those who are right now watching us from above.

Death is a pillage, always stalking. We can find it just around the corner, with or without any intention. No matter what we do, she will be waiting for us but until the day we stop living, we will be singing to the mountains and praying to the sky for the ones that have gained a place in our hearts. For all those who we love and are not here.






Pine trees are swaying at the tempo of the wind’s sweet carol. People are rushing to get each present of their demanding list and the ones who are looking through the window can see the cars moving at full speed, the sun hiding, listening to long and familiar carols. Children excited, people baking and cleaning the house to welcome the guests. Just the morning after, they will be looking at the children will be happily playing in the park with their brand new toys. People will be thankful to each other and life is going to look down and smile.

Tonight, everyone is looking at the sky, waiting for the stars of faith to appear. From their dark balconies they can see everyone gathered, talking, laughing and listening to sweet, familiar carols.


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¿Y ahora?

Alicia llevaba en su muñeca la pulsera que le había regalado el amor de su vida en un atardecer fresco de primavera, no veía la hora de bajarse del bus pues ya se estaba quedando corta de oxígeno. La fiesta empezaba en poco tiempo, llegaría tarde. Le había prometido a su mejor amiga que le ayudaría con la decoración y la comida pero ya que no llegaría a tiempo no podría cumplir su promesa.


¿Y qué pasó aquella tarde de primavera? Recuerdos fluyeron, no había que tener buena memoria para recordar de dónde salieron los momentos que Alicia cargaba en su mente cuando me subí con ella al bus. Iba con ella a  todas partes, se puede decir que era la que mejor la conocía. No era cuestión de adivinos saber que Alicia sentía un gran amor por aquel chico, había que alarmarse si algún día yo no estaba con ella. 

¿Y el bus? La historia del bus era ya bien conocida por aquel entonces. No necesitaba repetírsela a nadie porque ya todo el mundo la sabía y los que no la sabían, la presentían. Yo lo adiviné todo, segundos antes de que en realidad pasara, Alicia era de las que se guardaba todo para ella misma pero al final alguien lograba descubrirlo. Tanto era el alboroto, que alimentó al chisme corriendo como una cascada de agua dulce. No la contó Alicia sino muchos más, era trágica pero típica.

¿Y la pulsera? Lo preguntan bastante por ahí. Fui la única que ayudó a los recuerdos de Alicia a mantenerse vivos, la tarde de primavera y el bus seguían plasmados allí. ¿Y la pulsera? Aun insistentes quieren saber lo que ha pasado, se niegan a aceptar las posibilidades… un poco tercos de vez en cuando.

¿Y ahora?… fue lo último que pensó Alicia. No deja de intrigarme esa pregunta, ese último pensamiento. Me parece que fue lo último que escuché a través de su pulso, justo cuando llegaba al último lugar al que me llevó. Admito que yo también me preguntaba eso cuando sentí el empujón y dejé de sentir los latidos de Alicia. Me prometí que no olvidaría todo lo que ella había puesto en mí, ni los lugares que me había llevado a conocer pero, ¿qué pasa si lo hago algún día?… si ya lo he hecho, ¿y ahora?



Never again

Meeting him wasn’t an accident and it can be considered a fortune in some situations, trying to make agreements with him is impossible, fighting with him is hard to avoid. Smiling to him is difficult, looking in his eyes is like falling by a deep cliff. When I met him he was hidden in the shadows, he was trapped behind a glass and his voice sounded like the echo of a violin. He asked me if I wanted to be his friend. Doubtful, I said yes.

And now here we are, arguing in every direction we go. Fighting in every choice we make, he’s essential he keeps me in the shadows, away from the world. He likes to be in control and sometimes he doesn’t realize how far he’s going. So listen to me, Fear, if you’re reading I would like to tell you that one day I had the black fortune to meet you but I won’t let you take over my life, never again.





Crystal spheres

Memories we lost in the past,

trying to make them come back.

And even though they will not return,

they are locked in crystal spheres inside our minds.


Have we always been like this?

Making our memories the most sacred thing in our lives.

Even if they aren’t with us anymore,

we keep them frozen in the most chilling part of our brain.



Uses of ice cubes

It’s surprising that ice cubes have more uses than cooling drinks during summer. Here I’m going to list some others uses of ice cubes.


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1. Ice cubes can help when ironing clothes. Wrap up an ice cube with a soft cloth rub it on the wrinkle before ironing it and the shirt will straighten. Or if you have a dryer, just put inside it the shirt with some (I think three) ice cubes, the vapor will straighten it and you will not have to iron it.

2. If you move your furniture, the carpet of your living room may have some horrible holes on it. Put an ice cube on top of the area and wait for it to thaw, then brush the area.

3. To water the plants. For example, if you have hanging plants and you have to use a ladder to water them everyday leave some ice cubes on the earth where the plants are and they will remain refreshed.

4. Your pets will be more than happy if you put some ice cubes in their water bowl during the summer 😀

5. No more fights when it comes to giving medicines to children. Just give the kid an ice cube to suck before giving the medicine. This makes the taste buds go numb and allows them to take the medicine with no problems (because they can’t really taste it).

6. If you want to prepare a delicious salad, just put all the ingredients in a bowl with an ice cube, shake it and the salad will be fresh.

7. Have you ever heated rice in the microwave and notice it becomes too dry? Then put one ice cube on top of the rice just before heating it and this will aport enough moisture.

8. Put an ice cube on top of any burned skin and no blisters will come out.

9. If you want to eliminate excess fat from soups, fill a metal ladle or spoon with ice and pass its bottom on top of the soup inside the pot. Almost magically, the fat will stay in the spoon.

10. Ice cubes take bubblegums out of clothes. Rub the ice cube on top of the pasted bubblegum, when it is cold you can pull it out easily with the help of a spoon.

And this is how useful ice cubes can be. Amazing, isn’t it?


Enter through the mahogany door that has been constructed out of old memories, just stumbling upon an empty space below my feet, hiding in a black and low cave. The woods outside begin to turn red and blue and everything vanishes, the wood starts cracking only five seconds before I fall. A white tunnel, with some little blue dots. I can hear the sea and the birds but I can’t see where they come from. Trying to make my way back to the top I slip down a black stair, falling down from an attic.

Inside a carton box, coiled, eyes closed, I pretended to be invisible but they found me. Light is fading by now, reading a blue newspaper and I have to say goodbye to the lines in the floor. I get into the car and wave through the window. They enter again through the mahogany door and I stay outside, feeling raindrops fall over me. The mahogany door closed and my joy inside. And maybe I already forgot those times now but please, Mahogany, don’t forget the memories I have given to you since I’ll ask you about them when we see each other again. Someday, just in that same door constructed with mahogany wood.


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