Enter through the mahogany door that has been constructed out of old memories, just stumbling upon an empty space below my feet, hiding in a black and low cave. The woods outside begin to turn red and blue and everything vanishes, the wood starts cracking only five seconds before I fall. A white tunnel, with some little blue dots. I can hear the sea and the birds but I can’t see where they come from. Trying to make my way back to the top I slip down a black stair, falling down from an attic.

Inside a carton box, coiled, eyes closed, I pretended to be invisible but they found me. Light is fading by now, reading a blue newspaper and I have to say goodbye to the lines in the floor. I get into the car and wave through the window. They enter again through the mahogany door and I stay outside, feeling raindrops fall over me. The mahogany door closed and my joy inside. And maybe I already forgot those times now but please, Mahogany, don’t forget the memories I have given to you since I’ll ask you about them when we see each other again. Someday, just in that same door constructed with mahogany wood.


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