Uses of ice cubes

It’s surprising that ice cubes have more uses than cooling drinks during summer. Here I’m going to list some others uses of ice cubes.


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1. Ice cubes can help when ironing clothes. Wrap up an ice cube with a soft cloth rub it on the wrinkle before ironing it and the shirt will straighten. Or if you have a dryer, just put inside it the shirt with some (I think three) ice cubes, the vapor will straighten it and you will not have to iron it.

2. If you move your furniture, the carpet of your living room may have some horrible holes on it. Put an ice cube on top of the area and wait for it to thaw, then brush the area.

3. To water the plants. For example, if you have hanging plants and you have to use a ladder to water them everyday leave some ice cubes on the earth where the plants are and they will remain refreshed.

4. Your pets will be more than happy if you put some ice cubes in their water bowl during the summer 😀

5. No more fights when it comes to giving medicines to children. Just give the kid an ice cube to suck before giving the medicine. This makes the taste buds go numb and allows them to take the medicine with no problems (because they can’t really taste it).

6. If you want to prepare a delicious salad, just put all the ingredients in a bowl with an ice cube, shake it and the salad will be fresh.

7. Have you ever heated rice in the microwave and notice it becomes too dry? Then put one ice cube on top of the rice just before heating it and this will aport enough moisture.

8. Put an ice cube on top of any burned skin and no blisters will come out.

9. If you want to eliminate excess fat from soups, fill a metal ladle or spoon with ice and pass its bottom on top of the soup inside the pot. Almost magically, the fat will stay in the spoon.

10. Ice cubes take bubblegums out of clothes. Rub the ice cube on top of the pasted bubblegum, when it is cold you can pull it out easily with the help of a spoon.

And this is how useful ice cubes can be. Amazing, isn’t it?

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