A Thousand Million Years

He just saw her once, in a bookstore. She was checking one of the books of the Agatha Christie collection, he looked into her eyes for less than a second. His cellphone rang but he didn’t pay attention. He had her in his head for about a week, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, he wasn’t in love though, one can’t fall in love with a person in just a second.

She saw him once, in a bookstore. He was around the shelf of Gabriel García Márquez’s books, his glance stabbed hers and she looked into his eyes for less than a second. His cellphone was ringing but he didn’t answer, his hand in his pocket most likely to hang the call. She nodded smiling and continued looking at Murder in the Orient Express. That was a very weird moment, she thought but couldn’t stop reproducing it in her mind.

The second their looks crossed seemed to last forever, like a thousand million years passing by. They continued with their lives until they returned to that bookstore some years after, both looking for romance novels.

Silence in between them.

Trying to recognize that look that used to last a thousand million years.




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