Two or three words

Hello, this is an exercise I did with some of the students I talk with in my school bus: Juan Esteban “Juanes”, Pablo, Samuel, Angélica… I asked them to tell me two or three words and I would write a very short story using them, I wrote it in Spanish but I will upload them in both English and Spanish because my friends asked me to. I couldn’t take more of ten minutes per story.

Round #1

Words: exasperated and Juanes (he’s a very egocentric boy in my school bus).

It’s still a casual night, the moon shines silver in the sky. You brought your formal suit just in case the meeting was in a restaurant although you know well that it isn’t a hundred percent sure, knowing her informal and carefree style. However, there you are, still remembering her without being able to see her. You do not want to give up, it doesn’t mind how exasperated you are but you’ve got to admit it: she will never come. Your life will continue as monotonous and empty as it is, you will still see the silver moon without company. Please, Juanes, get out of there.

Palabras: exasperado y Juanes.

Sigue siendo una noche casual, la luna está plateada en el cielo. Trajiste tu traje formal por si acaso la reunión era en algún restaurante aunque sabes bien que no es lo más seguro, conociendo su estilo informal y despreocupado. Sin embargo, ahí estás, todavía recordándola sin poderla ver. No quieres rendirte, por más exasperado que estés pero hay que admitirlo: ella nunca llegará. Tu vida seguirá igual de monótona y vacía, seguirás viendo la luna plateada sin compañía. Por favor, Juanes, lárgate de una vez.

Can you guess who’s the girl Juanes is waiting for? Hint: her name starts with A in Spanish and with H in English.

Round #2

Words: narcissism, glasses and foliage.

The blue foliage of the sky supported the loneliness of a pair of glasses that only looked up. He kept repeating over and over what he longed for. A dry leaf that used to bend in his lap was lost along with the wind and he could not stop watching. Narcissism was all he could see in the clouds that passed before his eyes leaving trails of smoke behind. He stayed with these stelae in his mind, watching the blue foliage of the sky that would not let him go, the place where he would ever want to be.

Palabras: narcisismo, gafas y follaje.

El follaje azul del cielo sostenía la soledad, de unas gafas que no hacían sino mirar. Se repetía una y otra vez lo que anhelaba sin parar. Una hoja seca que solía doblar en su regazo de perdía junto con el viento y no podía parar de observar. Narcisismo era todo lo que podía ver en las nubes que pasaban frente a sus ojos dejando estelas de humo detrás. Se quedaba con esas estelas en su mente, observando ese follaje azul del cielo que no lo dejaba ir, el lugar en el que alguna vez le gustaría estar.

What do you think? Can you guess the topic?

There wasn’t time left for a round #3 because I arrived to my house 😦 but I hope you enjoy these two I was able to write. I played with the topic and the characters challenging my school bus’s mates to guess the same things I’m asking you to guess here, that’s why I took so long (they weren’t able to find the answer). I hope you are.

Until my next post 😉

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