¿Por qué esas lágrimas púrpura?

¿A qué se deben esas lágrimas púrpura? Si tú lo tienes todo. Existen personas que están peor que tú y no lloran nunca. Detén esas gotas que se deslizan fuera de tus ojos.   Seca tus mejillas, arregla tu maquillaje que se ha corrido, ajústate el suéter y deja de mirar atrás. No mereces llorar.   ¿Por qué [...]



Para ese pianista que no conozco. ¿Quién es el que hace cantar el piano al anochecer? El que con sus alegres melodías mejora mis tardes. ¿Quién es ese al que escucho tocar? El que con sus escalas pentatónicas aleja mi soledad, el que me hace compañía desde lejos, el que llena mis días de inspiración. [...]

Desperate voices

In the middle of a storm I can observe, what life whispers behind my back. And as I see her turn her face away, I can see my world turning black.   Now I see the shy lightning bolts, appear in the middle of the gray. Looking directly at us.   Just under sinister sheets, the shackles for now quiet and [...]



Desolation, Being next to someone, you can't talk. Lying on the couch, looking at the ceiling and hearing the clock's tic-toc.  Everyone's quiet, everyone's gone and the only ones remaining are you and your thoughts. Trying to think about the years that had passed, the thing that you've had but nothing's enough, you're getting tired [...]



While lying in the silver lining of a cloud, I heard a strange sound. It was as if the rain was coming for me or the birds were looking for my voice. I didn't know from where it come from, couldn't see the place because of the fog. The sad atmosphere that comes when you suddenly [...]