While lying in the silver lining of a cloud, I heard a strange sound. It was as if the rain was coming for me or the birds were looking for my voice. I didn’t know from where it come from, couldn’t see the place because of the fog. The sad atmosphere that comes when you suddenly remember them and it aches down in the center of your mind.

Claiming to close the windows, claiming to don’t look back, claiming to close your ears and your eyes. Trying not to see what’s happening around you. Deep tongues are talking behind your back, shallow words are knocking to the gates of your heart. Don’t let them in! You know you shouldn’t but can’t stop hearing them at the entrance of your thoughts. It’s then when you realize they have arrived breaking to pieces your self esteem. It’s now when you realize you have changed.

Those words that start to jiggle your thoughts now own your mind, it feels as if they’re written in your forehead. Those words you can’t forget, can’t erase, can’t replace but can’t digest. They appear everywhere, in everything you do, in everything you think, in everything you say. They’re printed in the clouds when you look up at the sky, following you in every step you take. It’s as if they were part of your deepest nightmares, as if they’re painted in the sea surface, as if they’re written in the center of the Earth, as if they’re scratched all across the atmosphere.


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