The cat with the yarn

The cat with the yarn, the gray cat that only has to worry on catching his little toy. Just look out the window and see him play unaware of the rest of the world, under a spell. I wish I could be like that cat that once existed and accompanied me through my stormy days, without rain, without going backwards. Just focused on his yarn, as if nothing else exists. The spell of the yarn is  nothing he can avoid, unable to look anywhere else than his precious object. Just can’t be away from it, can’t let go even for a minute. That cat doesn’t pay attention to the cars that pass near him, the yarn has rolled into the street and he tries to catch it, until everything for the little cat disappears.

Except for his yarn, the only object he will chase forever. Go on, my little cat! Until time stops you, but I know it never will because there is no obstacle for you. He would go until the end of time, until the stars fall from the sky. I’ll miss that cat, since I gave him the yarn he spent his days near my house playing with. That’s what makes you happy and someday you’ll catch it. Sometimes I see the gray cat with the yarn in my dreams, his whitish ghost playing with the yarn in my living room at nights, I’ll never forget him. His yarn, his entire world.


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4 thoughts on “The cat with the yarn

  1. a beautiful tale
    about a cat and its yarn
    a comfort for you

    I have a cat too
    has sat beside me for 10 years
    tears stored 9 lives near done

    o yes it still plays
    elastic hairbands its craze
    amazing pets cats

    my cat it talks
    often askes for the bathroom
    the door always closed
    she looks at me puzzled
    go on…me how…her reply

    had fun
    loved your yarn
    take care


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    1. Kind words you say
      Referring to cats and poems
      Thanks for your comment
      And for sharing your experience as well

      Stories about our cats and pets
      Will never be forgotten
      Since they leave an important paw print
      Deep in our hearts

      Thanks once more
      And now that I have to say goodbye
      I’ll wait for your next stop by

      A. P.

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