Malos hábitos

¿Por qué te vas ahora? Cuando ya estoy acostumbrada a tu dulce sonrisa, cuando ya me tienes hechizada bajo tu mirada. ¿Por qué me dejas así? Con la sed de hablarte y esa mala costumbre de lanzarte miradas furtivas de vez en cuando. No durará mucho, eso ya lo sé. La adicción de tenerte cerca, la obsesión por mirarte a los ojos y el placer de fundirnos en un abrazo como si no hubiera nadie alrededor. Así te vas, como si nada, como si nunca nos hubiéramos conocido, como si yo nunca te hubiera querido. Me dejas con el eco de tu risa resonando en mis oídos, con el fantasma de tus ojos observándome en la oscuridad, con el olor de tu colonia prendido en mi camisa y te me vas al infinito, donde yo no pueda alcanzarte.

Justo cuando ya estaba acostumbrada a estar contigo. Tu fantasma camina detrás de mí, me sigue a todas partes. Las mismas uniformes costumbres de recordarte, el mismo pensamiento repitiéndose en mi mente una y otra vez, mi amor vestido con el uniforme de tu partida. Te despreocupas pues ya no tienes nada en que pensar. Y yo mientras, sigo tratando de quitarme estos malos hábitos de pensar en ti.



A new heart

Distance doesn’t stop words, it doesn’t stop good intentions or best wishes.

Today my gift for you is a new heart, new hopes, new wishes, new longings. I want to give you a new imagination, refreshed thoughts, a bright day or a quiet night.

Wherever you are, right now, it doesn’t matter the country where you live. I want to tell you that today is the time to start dreaming, to attend the stubbornness of your soul and to open your eyes to new possibilities.

Today you have a new opportunity to do things right: say “I love you” to someone you have forgotten, change those things of your life that stop you from being completely happy.

You can go and say hi to that girl at the metro station you never talked to, to smile to the guard that opens the door for you or say thank you to the woman at the store.

Want to have a different job? A different life? Go on, today you have a new heart, a new opportunity of doing things right, new hopes, new longings.

Today is going to be a great day, you have a new heart, a new chance of dreaming, creating, loving, smiling, living.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me.

Even though we may be at a great distance, dear reader, I know both you and me have a new heart and a new chance of being happy.



Beautiful mind

Beautiful mind, living in an imaginary world. Don’t return, because you’re gonna get hurt. I remember I told you to stay up there, to continue dreaming and I talked to you a thousand times but still you decided to live in the real world. Beautiful and dreamy mind, you landed up in a bad moment, I wished you would stay where you were, to focus on the things you love. Please return to your place, I don’t need this anymore. Continue to dream, continue to live in a different world.

Leave the real world to me, I can handle but, my beautiful mind, keep stumbling upon your imagination. Don’t pay attention at the people walking down the street, don’t pay attention at the words that hurt you. Don’t pay attention at the world that surrounds you, just to the only thing that has been faithful to you, the only place you can trust, the imaginary world in which I decided to lock you forever.

mundo imaginario

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Je t’aime, mon cher musicien. 


Like a symphony carried by the wind.

Whistling soft to the endless harmony.

Like a symphony hard to sing

created in the cords of his guitar.


Do, for the laughs.

La, for the scares.

Sol, for the after,

that we both share.


Singing a capella when he’s gone,

because his voice is like hearing birds at dawn.

And his laughter,

an arpeggio caressing my ear.


Re, for the goodbyes.

Si, for the returns.

And Mi if you want,

to go back home.


A beautiful glissando above the water,

compares to his sweet gaze.

And a perfect pizzicato,

is hidden every time he stares.


Forgetting him is like being out of tone,

and not being able to change.

Like a vibrato you don’t want,

to be in your vocal range


Often in staccato,

our paths crossed.

A tenor or a soprano,

singing both soft.


To the tempo he carries in his veins,

to the voice I was enchanted to meet.

A timeless symphony going on crescendo,

the song of a melodious friendship.