Life's Color has turn half bittersweet, because he would rather fall in chocolate, than fall in love. And I keep waiting right on the street.   Like the trill of a bird it sounds, whenever he talks. And under a hidden cloud, his laughtEr walks.   Only to the sky, his Smile can compare. And [...]


Crazy as it goes

Loving him goes crazy, for all the times he keeps me guessing. Don't know what's going to happen next. Uncertainty with all its effects.   Wondering where he's taking me, I talk as we leave society behind. Willing to run away, and now I'm waiting for the following surprise.   He paints my world blue [...]

Timeless harmony

Cause when I'm with him, I'm surrounded by symphonies. When he talks to me, I'm just hearing melodies. And every time his sitting next to me is a sweet violin in my ear. Time starts to run faster, as if he wanted me to let go. I know time is just jealous of me winning [...]


A blackout

There, in the middle of the blackout, standing in the lonely and foggy pastures behind the mysterious shack, he could see the skyline. The dark skyline he wasn't able to understand. He could see ships, roses and planes. He could see lighthouses working as sentinels and low waves containing high-rise buildings. The vultures transforming into [...]



El día en el que la vida del chico que saca a pasear al terrier cambió, yo recuerdo que el ascensor se detuvo en el séptimo piso y me saludó con una sonrisa. Sostuve el ascensor y esperé a que entrara. El día en que su vida dio un giro inesperado fue en el que [...]