Invisible locket

invisible-locket.jpgShe grabbed the locket so hard she could remember his smell, his sight and his touch. She remembered the night when he gave it to her. When he passed it around her neck and stressed on how beautiful she looked.

She held it so hard it brought to her all those memories she had been missing, all that calm she had been lacking for so long.

She recalled his lips, his fingers and his sweet sight. She remembered the day they met, in the autumn twilight under an orange oak.

She dreamt about the day he came once again to rescue her from that prison made of white walls and white coated men. She always dreamt about the day he would tell her she is beautiful again, the day they could walk again through that valley where they went for their first date.

She dreamt so hard about the past, the present and the future. She recalled so many beautiful experiences next to him: Christmas with both families, the announcement of their engagement, their future plans, their yearned children…

Everything so vivid in her mind, everything living inside the locket she held in her hand.

And she held it so hard.

So hard that when she opened her eyes it was gone, along with the static and vivid images she had of him in her mind.

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Happy New Year, readers! For being the first post of 2018 (or maybe the second one because the first one was Canción azul which I would like you to read as well if you can), I will be uploading one post for Spanish readers and other for English readers. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Easter egg: Can you guess which song I’m talking about when I refer to a blue song in Canción azul?




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