Light the night away

Light the night away, my dear,

because the most annoying thing in the world for an insomniac is night.

Full of darkness, full of fear.

With the incapacity to fade in a parallel light,

or in a perilous dream.


Light the night away, I say.

I beg, I pray.

Because there is no such thing as sleep in the air,

and twinkling stars in the solar flare,

which I can constantly steal or stare.


Light the night away, while bells are singing,

a terrifying song of life they’re clinging.

And through the ideas you’re inkling,

show me the lights in the back that keep twinkling.


Light the night away, for one last time,

because I’d rather stay awake than die tonight,

and rather live than decline,

the way I feel when you’re by my sight.

Please keep me in flight,

or I’ll fail on my next strike.

Because I can’t do anything right.


Light the night away to keep me in direction,

of finding the best view from this location.

And I can’t continue dreaming with this frustration,

so light my night away, my dearest imagination.





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