Dark leaves

camino oscuro

Dark, toxic leaves, that come from those dark memories. Those that try to huddle up here with me, making me realize I should forget.

How long does it take to make a decision? And to think again about that decision?

How much time must pass until you’ve realized that is everything done?

And how much until you stop me by the door? And how much until you say you’re sorry? Or until you reach to me?

Waiting for those toxic memories to vanish, and for those questions to disappear.

For those terrifying footprints to stay behind and those dark leaves to stop following me and to stop listening to the rusty wind that chase my back. Knowing that I will never brush them away.

Image taken from: url


So good to be back! IB is to blame. Hope you enjoy this entry, a little bit short but well planned 😀



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