Gray and blue

gray and blue

In this world, gray and blue, I don’t fit anymore. In this chilled ambient I forget to act like I should. In my world, blue and gray, I should think before I talk and watch before my own steps. They wake up, everyday, living in this dark place they can’t realize and I can see both color starting to take over things and to partake in the scene. They aren’t able to see more than those colors, gray and blue, but I can see a colorful patch in the background.

This is a world I don’t want to take a part in, because the role I will take is not the one I’m going for an this illusion doesn’t fill my dreams completely. I don’t need to take a part in this world because it won’t make a difference and I can see more ahead. But the landscape below is slippery and escapes my hands. In this world, gray and blue, I will never be myself. In this world, blue and gray, they play under the sun. But in this world––always the same two colors, always beautiful but at the same time somber––I don’t want to partake.

Gray and blue, the colors that run beside me. And the whole rainbow I’m chasing after.

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IB exams are coming 😦 so I will be absent for some more time. Promise when IB is over (and school with it) I will spend more time writing and uploading. ❤


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