If you cry tonight

You usually ignore me, can’t see me and attempt to forget me.

You usually don’t love me, you hurt me, even if you don’t realize it.

You spend your time on your own, don’t know me and usually don’t show any interest in looking at me.

You don’t pay attention to any word I say, or what I don’t. Without knowledge of reality.

You root me to your soul, and pull me with your green eyes just to let me go again. Without bothering with explanations. Without mercy, without care.

But if you cry tonight, I’ll forget everything. I’ll carry you through the darkness. I’ll be by your side while your tears still create a waterfall. I won’t ignore you, or hurt you, or get away from you. Because even if I don’t realize it, I pay attention to what you say and what you don’t and I’ll root your tears to my soul until your green eyes are clear enough to let me go once again.

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