Girly advice

The last time I did this I was a little girl. It was quite some time ago. And I decided that I wouldn’t do it too often because of that lonely feeling it usually brings. You would think that I’m a coward but if you were in my place, you wouldn’t do it as well, I bet. I used to think about the past and I used to think a lot about that but I promised to myself I wouldn’t do it anymore; I don’t know if I’m fulfilling that promise but it’s what I have.

And I’m going to tell you what I’m talking about: thinking of life as just a movie and treasuring every moment like it was a scene. They become non-important when they live our minds or even if they are still there. What are memories if they are not archaic images we store automatically in our brains?

All I wanted to say is that we tend to gather memories and get as most information in our brains as we can but, ultimately, this information may be lost as we are all condemned to forget. Now I’m about to start the university and even though I promised not to do this again when I was just a child, I will say that life can just be seen as a movie and that I’m going to keep treasuring memories as if they were scenes. And I’m sorry to say that even though I won’t, I will.

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