Go back

Go back to what is sad, to what is not coming home with me. And I just want you to stare, to look at me deeply in the eye. Just remember how we felt when we said goodbye, because that’s the feeling I’m carrying forever in my heart, and that’s the only thing I take into account when I see you smile and that makes me go back to our story once again. Go back to how I’m feeling now, after that terrible thunderstorm, and after that slow evening in your thoughts. When time flies, one can only feel the way it caresses your ear, something that feels pretty alike to that moment you whispered non sense to me.

Go back to when we met, inside a biology lab, to when we first stretched hands and to when we finally started talking. Because maybe that way you can remember to smile at me every time our paths cross, or to quit stopping your eyes from finding mine, or to stop deviating your thoughts from my head. It would be a shame to forget that. Go back because that was the way we met, that is the way we got here and that is the way we’ll stay.

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