Chains of the past show me how I’m tired of looking back. Of counting time as if it was sheep and days in terms of loneliness. Chains of a lost love don’t let me walk forward to the future I built for myself. Chains of words won’t let themselves to be rewritten, and it doesn’t matter how much I’ve tried. Only prejudices can look at me that way, only prejudices as chains holding me back.

Chains can’t let me walk, for they are already tied to my toes, or sometimes hanging from my neck. Chains that are always looking at me, and chains I’ll never put back. Chains that watch over me, that walk for me, that talk before me. Chains that determine my emotions, that decide what I can carry and what I may forget. Chains of questions tangled around, just waiting for my life to be a constant web made of lies. Only hatred working down the hall of my mind, and consuming my whole. Only hatred down the words I swallow every time something’s gone.

Chains of sadness that blurry my vision and shackles of hate I won’t stand anymore. Chains of fate I’m not able to change, chains of a forbidden feeling I can’t let go. Chains of pain, chains of a past I forgot to leave behind.

Hey! So good to be back in English writing, it’s been a while. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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