If there was a parallel universe, where I could be reflected in your eyes. Where your voice could reach my ear, and your thoughts could confort me, I would sail the ocean looking for that place, or looking for you.

If there was a place where the darkness couldn’t look into my eyes as if I was a ghost, the cold wouldn’t matter at all. It wouldn’t matter the hours spent alone, or the ones I’ve lost in your company.

If there was a parallel universe, where you and me could be together, it would be a submarine world. Where the wind wouldn’t howl plain lies, and the sky wouldn’t talk by our side.

A place where the sun comes down and the moon isn’t made of fear.

If I could reach that parallel universe, where you look at me from far behind in a train station, I’d travel a black hole looking for it.

And if I find that place that remind me of your kind eyes, of the tenderness in your sighs, then I’ll wonder through the blue sky.

Thinking of you.

Because if someday I find once again the reflection of your laughter on random polar lights, I’d run behind that vision.

Just to reach your memory, I’d chase the wind if you want me to. Just to hear your voice in the horizon and sail the ocean with you.

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