About me!

Sometimes, dear reader…

We don’t realize our hearts are made of paper mâché and we toss someone’s in the trash. We don’t let the magic begin, we are unable to see.

We try to know everything and end up learning nothing. We try to feel the force of time and end up living the time by force.

Now that you’ve seen in this website some things people tend to miss, don’t tell me I’m crazy.

Life is just paper mâché, you leave a place and it’s as if it had never existed. You meet someone, suddenly pass from being strangers to being friends, from friends to lovers and, as if by magic, from lovers to strangers again. You open a book and a brand new world stands before you. Then wonder, are we also part of one of those beautiful settings? I mean, is Planet Earth the name of a book in another dimension? Is someone reading our lives on the outside in this precise moment? Guess I just created another novel…

Life is paper mâché, it can be fake as it can be real; it depends on your imagination. And, most important of all, we can do beautiful things with it, experience awesome situations, make it our own… or we can throw it overboard and waste it doing something we don’t deserve or even like.

Oh God… I just slipped into sickeningly sweet inspirational speeches once again.

I’m sorry, all I wanted to say was:

Long life to books.