Dark leaves

Dark, toxic leaves, that come from those dark memories. Those that try to huddle up here with me, making me realize I should forget. How long does it take to make a decision? And to think again in that decision? How much time must pass until you've realized that is everything done? And how much [...]


Ya será tarde

Cuando te des cuenta de que todo lo que yo decía era verdad. Cuando sepas que debiste haberme escuchado, y te arrepientas de tus palabras.   Cuando la vida ya no sonría para ti, y llores por mi compañía, por mi cálida sonrisa.   Cuando las rosas se conviertan en cuchillos, y el agua cristalina [...]


Je t’aime, mon cher musicien.    Like a symphony carried by the wind. Whistling soft to the endless harmony. Like a symphony hard to sing created in the cords of his guitar.   Do, for the laughs. La, for the scares. Sol, for the after, that we both share.   Singing a capella when he’s gone, because [...]