El día en el que la vida del chico que saca a pasear al terrier cambió, yo recuerdo que el ascensor se detuvo en el séptimo piso y me saludó con una sonrisa. Sostuve el ascensor y esperé a que entrara. El día en que su vida dio un giro inesperado fue en el que [...]


Hungry eyes

Once eyes have seen, they can't forget. The dreamy essence of his gaze has been the cause of insomnia in my late nights. Once eyes have felt, they can't never let go. In the middle of the darkness, his gaze was full of shooting stars, when I was cold, his eyes warmed mine. When I [...]

Maybe tomorrow…

I was just thinking about how popular is the word "maybe" in our society and that the expression "maybe tomorrow" is even more popular. This is why I decided to write something that represents what I think each time I hear someone say "maybe tomorrow". Have I said it? Of course yes, who doesn't. But [...]