Your hands

Your hands carry mystery,  and tears and pain. Your hands carry a lie, I can't retain. Your hands have something of magic and sorrow, their touch is soft but cold as if they kept the look of a scarecrow. Your hands are made of knives, and covered with feathers, they are slippery and restless, and [...]


Broken wing

I hold a butterfly in my hands, she's alive and I can listen her heart beating, I can feel every breath she takes, and the subtle warmth of her wings. I'm waiting for her to leave, but she has a broken wing, deep in the inside, I can't let her go, for I'll be missing [...]


Je t’aime, mon cher musicien.    Like a symphony carried by the wind. Whistling soft to the endless harmony. Like a symphony hard to sing created in the cords of his guitar.   Do, for the laughs. La, for the scares. Sol, for the after, that we both share.   Singing a capella when he’s gone, because [...]