Chains of the past show me how I'm tired of looking back. Of counting time as if it was sheep and days in terms of loneliness. Chains of a lost love don't let me walk forward to the future I built for myself. Chains of words won't let themselves to be rewritten, and it doesn't [...]


The day you were going to pick me up there was a puddle of charcoal in front of me. And the leaves of the agonizing trees just fell into it, just looking at me as they fell. Your car was waiting on the other side, but I couldn't move for the puddle became larger and [...]

Chocolate aroma

She stared out the window while sitting in the habitual rocking chair. She grabbed a ball of yarn in the hand and two needles. She saw those two kids playing outside in the park, a girl and a boy laughing in the swings. Soon, she perceived a delightful smell coming from the kitchen, where her [...]