I'm afraid of darkness when it doesn't let me see what is standing in front of me. And I'm afraid of darkness when she blocks my thoughts. Also when I come to remember what she makes me think and the way she controls my feelings. I'm afraid of darkness because she changes people's hearts, as [...]


Tidal wave

Taken from: url I keep forgetting the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity since back then, when I met one of my most terrible fears. And it keeps rushing through my mind like a tidal wave, sweeping sorrow all over my thoughts and making a mess out of my emotions. Many tidal waves [...]


He ran through the park under the starry night, the august wind passing across his hair. He ran through the street, through dark alleyways and lonely avenues. He left behind the safety of the street lamps and entered in the darkness of the night. He bought a bouquet of flowers and kept running, passing through [...]