Now my heart is burning in the back of my mind, fed by hot tears, by kerosene in words, I'm not fully able to hear.   You'll burn my throat, when you tell me how you feel, because the rain won't come for a year, if you're not here with me. And kerosene won't stop [...]


If you cry tonight

You usually ignore me, can't see me and attempt to forget me. You usually don't love me, you hurt me, even if you don't realize it. You spend your time on your own, don't know me and usually don't show any interest in looking at me. You don't pay attention to any word I say, [...]


He ran through the park under the starry night, the august wind passing across his hair. He ran through the street, through dark alleyways and lonely avenues. He left behind the safety of the street lamps and entered in the darkness of the night. He bought a bouquet of flowers and kept running, passing through [...]