Life’s Color has turn half bittersweet,

because he would rather fall in chocolate,

than fall in love.

And I keep waiting right on the street.


Like the trill of a bird it sounds,

whenever he talks.

And under a hidden cloud,

his laughtEr walks.


Only to the sky,

his Smile can compare.

And I see just sparks fly,

whenever he stares.


It’s easier to recall the periodic table,

than wait for a glance.

Because I can’t find the courage,

to ask him for dinner or to dance.


Just look at the ocean to understand,

the hundred drops that are able,

to keep the hArmony,

in this crazy trance.


What can I say if you ask me about this?

Just that my life is bittersweet.

Because he would rather drown in chocolate,

than fall in love.


And I’ll be here for now,

looking inside those deep, brown eyes.

Noticing that an eagle is passing just in front,

that mahogany sunRise.


“As you doze of tonight, I’ll toss and turn. As your sweet dreams take flight, I’ll crash and burn. While you’re heart flutters free, I still can’t breathe. As you stir in your sleep… I hope you think of me.”

-Owl city.





Crazy as it goes

Loving him goes crazy,

for all the times he keeps me guessing.

Don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Uncertainty with all its effects.


Wondering where he’s taking me,

I talk as we leave society behind.

Willing to run away,

and now I’m waiting for the following surprise.


He paints my world blue and red,

can’t be compared to what I’ve read.

He makes my life give a million turns,

feel how my nerves burn.


My partner always leads the way,

and tells me to close my eyes.

He takes my hand and whispers in my ear,

saying that he never uses ties.


Suffering a running love,

that keeps me inside of a maze.

And I see the sparkle in his gaze,

when he makes me live my life,

crazy as he is,

crazy as it goes.