Ashes have transformed into words, warm like a far afternoon in the beach. And memories have transformed into voices, just entering my life like thoughts I didn't invite. Ashes follow me wherever I go, like a glance I will never forget. And the forgotten times I've tried to let go have just condensed in a [...]

Oceanic skyline

This skyline is glancing at me, before I can even look at it in the eye. These oceanic waves stand before me in the fear of late nights, with black dolphins and a gray current. This feeling just slips into my steps, following my thoughts into a red thunderstorm, and this night is falling apart, [...]

Chocolate aroma

She stared out the window while sitting in the habitual rocking chair. She grabbed a ball of yarn in the hand and two needles. She saw those two kids playing outside in the park, a girl and a boy laughing in the swings. Soon, she perceived a delightful smell coming from the kitchen, where her [...]

Crystal spheres

Memories we lost in the past, trying to make them come back. And even though they will not return, they are locked in crystal spheres inside our minds.   Have we always been like this? Making our memories the most sacred thing in our lives. Even if they aren't with us anymore, we keep them [...]