Just below the heart of the jungle, there’s a waterfall, one to which we tend to approach. We tend to come closer every time. We’re like a fish trying to touch the water of that magical waterfall we trust so much, because we can see birds near it and we can see other animals coming closer too. So, inocently, we bow too much and the mighty water drag us down. It’s there when we realize that the waterfall was just a delusion and we were just daydreaming. Like a salmon, we have to get out of the jail that unreal raindrops create all around us. But if salmons can swim upstream to lay their eggs, why can’t we swim away of this waterfall of promises we have forgotten?


I had some problems with my laptop, that’s why I couldn’t upload anything in the last week (I couldn’t keep writing my books either). I wrote this short story (if it can be called that way) some days ago, I was just waiting to upload it. Promise the next one will be longer… 😉