When the finally rotten strawberries, the apple hanging in the tree falls, there will be a replica of the place we call home. When the sun stop shining over us and start running cold is when you can say that time will be gone. When the lighthouse in the rain shake and break is when us humans will have lost our trace. When the ship in the water get down is when the rose garden will be finally destroyed.

When people won’t be able to look at the sky without having their eyes in disguise is when Voyager 1 may end up its trip. When the aliens portray themselves with paper mâché is when you can tell there’s nothing worth to take.

When Pluto’s orbit and Planet 09 crash, it won’t be necessary to fall apart in ash and when the rabbits’ ears last forever or their paws give sorrow instead, that day you will be already hanging from a thread. When fireflies stop lighting the night above, is when the right thing will come.

And I could continue to go ahead with the long list of fears no one may stand.

But when Cassini reaches the stellar mantle, when by its side Neptune will be near, that’s when we can say Planet Earth will succumb under fear.





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