Azul oscuro

Azul oscuro cuando pienso en él, porque sé que millones de cielos nos separan. Porque sé que en algún momento él estará frente al mar y yo no podré verlo desde el reflejo del agua. Azul oscuro cuando escucho su risa, porque una pequeña distorsión la entrecorta, porque aunque resuene en mi oído su distancia [...]


Tears have been drowning,down in a fake lake,where nightmares fall apart,and icy spirits break.Where towers fall down,when the wind blows out,a fairytale from the dust,a story unable to adjust. Tears have been dripping,in the middle of a snow,sorrow and pain for a show.Giving everything up,in their evening painted black,sipping from a cold teacup,of thunder and [...]


Shapes in the blue, in the white. Shapes in the light, of a quivering night. Shapes in heaven, and even higher. Shapes in the people, that are always crying. Shapes in a life, of perfect disorder. In the darkness forever, forgetting would never. Shapes of kindness, or made of madness. Shapes of clever, kept in [...]