Desperate voices

In the middle of a storm I can observe,

what life whispers behind my back.

And as I see her turn her face away,

I can see my world turning black.


Now I see the shy lightning bolts,

appear in the middle of the gray.

Looking directly at us.


Just under sinister sheets,

the shackles for now quiet and dark,

waiting for murmurations in the lonely streets,

hearing desperate voices scream outside.






Being next to someone, you can’t talk. Lying on the couch, looking at the ceiling and hearing the clock’s tic-toc.  Everyone’s quiet, everyone’s gone and the only ones remaining are you and your thoughts. Trying to think about the years that had passed, the thing that you’ve had but nothing’s enough, you’re getting tired of your routine.


You start writing a letter asking them to hang out with you.


You erase what you’ve written because all you want is their company.


You get completely exasperated and run away from that place because they’re being like a swarm, chasing after you. This relationship just wouldn’t work, it’s better for you not to talk to them anymore.

Desolation again,

You want your loneliness to be with you again because if she isn’t, then you’re completely alone.

So please, desolation,

We’re trying to make a truce. The world is ruled by you, oppressed by your evil laughter. We want to avoid your temptations but we run into your arms once more. Being next to you everyday, in the bus, in the street, trying not to talk with you. Set mercy on us, forget humanity just for a second, leave us in peace, we are already used to loneliness. After all, it’s a world where we are stalked, scared and overwhelmed. We are living an endless anguish because of you…



Hi there! I’ve been so busy I haven’t got time to write here. This is kind of a letter I wrote to one of the most devastating feeling in life. Make sure to keep track of my whole collection of short stories: Paper Mâché (especially if you’re new here), I’ll be updating frequently and you can find all the stories I have uploaded here from the earliest to the latest. Today’s my birthday! So I tried to make something special to celebrate but I couldn’t so I just came up with this entry. Hope you like it. 




While lying in the silver lining of a cloud, I heard a strange sound. It was as if the rain was coming for me or the birds were looking for my voice. I didn’t know from where it come from, couldn’t see the place because of the fog. The sad atmosphere that comes when you suddenly remember them and it aches down in the center of your mind.

Claiming to close the windows, claiming to don’t look back, claiming to close your ears and your eyes. Trying not to see what’s happening around you. Deep tongues are talking behind your back, shallow words are knocking to the gates of your heart. Don’t let them in! You know you shouldn’t but can’t stop hearing them at the entrance of your thoughts. It’s then when you realize they have arrived breaking to pieces your self esteem. It’s now when you realize you have changed.

Those words that start to jiggle your thoughts now own your mind, it feels as if they’re written in your forehead. Those words you can’t forget, can’t erase, can’t replace but can’t digest. They appear everywhere, in everything you do, in everything you think, in everything you say. They’re printed in the clouds when you look up at the sky, following you in every step you take. It’s as if they were part of your deepest nightmares, as if they’re painted in the sea surface, as if they’re written in the center of the Earth, as if they’re scratched all across the atmosphere.


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Two or three words

Hello, this is an exercise I did with some of the students I talk with in my school bus: Juan Esteban “Juanes”, Pablo, Samuel, Angélica… I asked them to tell me two or three words and I would write a very short story using them, I wrote it in Spanish but I will upload them in both English and Spanish because my friends asked me to. I couldn’t take more of ten minutes per story.

Round #1

Words: exasperated and Juanes (he’s a very egocentric boy in my school bus).

It’s still a casual night, the moon shines silver in the sky. You brought your formal suit just in case the meeting was in a restaurant although you know well that it isn’t a hundred percent sure, knowing her informal and carefree style. However, there you are, still remembering her without being able to see her. You do not want to give up, it doesn’t mind how exasperated you are but you’ve got to admit it: she will never come. Your life will continue as monotonous and empty as it is, you will still see the silver moon without company. Please, Juanes, get out of there.

Palabras: exasperado y Juanes.

Sigue siendo una noche casual, la luna está plateada en el cielo. Trajiste tu traje formal por si acaso la reunión era en algún restaurante aunque sabes bien que no es lo más seguro, conociendo su estilo informal y despreocupado. Sin embargo, ahí estás, todavía recordándola sin poderla ver. No quieres rendirte, por más exasperado que estés pero hay que admitirlo: ella nunca llegará. Tu vida seguirá igual de monótona y vacía, seguirás viendo la luna plateada sin compañía. Por favor, Juanes, lárgate de una vez.

Can you guess who’s the girl Juanes is waiting for? Hint: her name starts with A in Spanish and with H in English.

Round #2

Words: narcissism, glasses and foliage.

The blue foliage of the sky supported the loneliness of a pair of glasses that only looked up. He kept repeating over and over what he longed for. A dry leaf that used to bend in his lap was lost along with the wind and he could not stop watching. Narcissism was all he could see in the clouds that passed before his eyes leaving trails of smoke behind. He stayed with these stelae in his mind, watching the blue foliage of the sky that would not let him go, the place where he would ever want to be.

Palabras: narcisismo, gafas y follaje.

El follaje azul del cielo sostenía la soledad, de unas gafas que no hacían sino mirar. Se repetía una y otra vez lo que anhelaba sin parar. Una hoja seca que solía doblar en su regazo de perdía junto con el viento y no podía parar de observar. Narcisismo era todo lo que podía ver en las nubes que pasaban frente a sus ojos dejando estelas de humo detrás. Se quedaba con esas estelas en su mente, observando ese follaje azul del cielo que no lo dejaba ir, el lugar en el que alguna vez le gustaría estar.

What do you think? Can you guess the topic?

There wasn’t time left for a round #3 because I arrived to my house 😦 but I hope you enjoy these two I was able to write. I played with the topic and the characters challenging my school bus’s mates to guess the same things I’m asking you to guess here, that’s why I took so long (they weren’t able to find the answer). I hope you are.

Until my next post 😉

A Thousand Million Years

He just saw her once, in a bookstore. She was checking one of the books of the Agatha Christie collection, he looked into her eyes for less than a second. His cellphone rang but he didn’t pay attention. He had her in his head for about a week, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, he wasn’t in love though, one can’t fall in love with a person in just a second.

She saw him once, in a bookstore. He was around the shelf of Gabriel García Márquez’s books, his glance stabbed hers and she looked into his eyes for less than a second. His cellphone was ringing but he didn’t answer, his hand in his pocket most likely to hang the call. She nodded smiling and continued looking at Murder in the Orient Express. That was a very weird moment, she thought but couldn’t stop reproducing it in her mind.

The second their looks crossed seemed to last forever, like a thousand million years passing by. They continued with their lives until they returned to that bookstore some years after, both looking for romance novels.

Silence in between them.

Trying to recognize that look that used to last a thousand million years.




Las mareas se llevan lo que el viento dejó, y la lluvia empieza a caer. Un pesado humo inunda la sala que se llena con vapor. Las nubes bajan y el cielo parece desaparecer, mezclándose con el mar. La oscuridad se adueña del lugar y los tiburones empiezan a acechar. Cada vez veo más lejos la orilla, no puedo tocar el suelo. Abajo un cardumen de peces y al fondo los depredadores que esperan devorarlos. La sal se cuela en mis pulmones, obligándome a toser y esperar esa figura que no piensa aparecer. Con el agua al cuello, veo sus ojos brillar de color azul confundiéndose con el mar.

Murciélagos forman una nube sobre la superficie del océano con escalofriantes chillidos al volar. Voces nos gritan desde arriba, nos controlan como marionetas y con solo unos movimientos, nos frenan de escapar. Nos mantienen en la profundidad, en medio de la oscuridad con ojos poseídos de azul que cada vez se cristalizan más. Las burbujas ascienden a la superficie y no nos dejan respirar pues estamos concentrados en la profundidad de unas aguas negras, viendo el acantilado submarino, a punto de saltar. Los fantasmas no dejan de revolotear, sumergiéndose entre las olas y me da miedo abrir los ojos, no quiero verlos. Nunca amanecerá, seguiremos esperando la luz para que nos saque de esta pesadilla, ambos estamos nadando hacia mar adentro, cada vez más profundo, los peces debajo, los murciélagos arriba y los tiburones detrás.


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Goodbye we say when we see them go away,

goodbye we say when we try to hold on.

Goodbye we use to say when that train departs,

carrying everything we had.


So we continue watching him go,

and we start to use to,

that terrible loneliness,

that never left our sides.


The train that never runs out of energy,

that flies away with our opportunities.

That sometimes end as a tragedy,

for all our communities.


Year after year,

spring after spring.

Just as we start to see things crystal clear,

what time brings.


To be successful,

in what we want to get,

we should learn to forget.


And we have to learn to say goodbye,

drop that treacherous past.

Finally, everything will come to an end,

and we’ll leave behind that old train.



10 best foods in the world

These are the ten most delicious foods in the world, listed from the tenth to the first one all around the world (images missing).

#10: Chicken Tandoori

Something that characterizes indian gastronomy is the use of spices and a lot of vegetables. This is one of the most popular dishes and also one of the ten most consumed fast foods. Many friends have told me it’s delicious, willing to taste it.

#9: Lechón a la varita

Is one of the best tropical foods along with Arroz con gandules, tostones, alcapurrias besides others. I have eaten it like once in my whole life.

#8: Mamule

This plate is a mix of many mediterranean gastronomic characteristics and from indian cuisine in the use of spices. It is a very popular plate along with falafel. I’ve heard it’s very seasoned.

#7: Sushi

One of my favorite dishes! 🙂 Japan’s gastronomy has evolved beaches of political and social changes. In the Medieval Era, Japanese cuisine was influenced by Chinese gastronomy. The most popular plate is the sushi and its dumplings. Without forgetting that its one of the most dangerous plates in the world if it isn’t prepared in the right way.

#6: Eggrolls

Chinese gastronomy is one of the most delicious because of the country’s ancient culinary tradition and it is widely represented across the world. The first eggroll I ate was the prepared in my school’s cafeteria and I hated it! Teacher had to sit next to me to ensure I ate it all but after I ate it in a good Chinese restaurant, I changed my opinion about it 😀

#5: Churrasco

From my country! And of course, one of my favorites. Argentina’s gastronomy differentiates from the rest of America’s because of its great European’s contribution. In Argentina they combine perfectly the creole, Indian, Italian and Spanish gastronomies. ❤

#4: Paella

Spanish gastronomy is enriched by the contributions of different regions of the country. This cuisine’s origine oscillates  between the rural and the coastal style, represents many cultures, landscapes and climates. Their famous paella is delicious. I use to take out the seafood from it because I don’t like it and eat the rest.

#3: Pizza

Italy’s food reflects the variety of its regions and the diversity of its history. Its lasagna and pizza are the most popular plates of the country besides being my favorite food and the only fast food I eat. In summary, I can’t live without pizza.

#2: Tacos

Actually, I don’t eat tacos often but I can say they are ok. The reason why they are in second place is that many people eat them. Mexican food is known by its high level of seasoning (chile!). Its most popular plates are tacos, burritos and fajitas.

And the first one…


I had a Peruvian biology teacher and he LOVED ceviche, it is seafood so I don’t eat it but 90% of the people I know likes ceviche. I don’t know, it’s not so bad… 😉


And this is all for today, the best food from all around the world. All so different but equally exquisite. Do you agree with these ten plates? What’s you’re favorite food? Will you add or remove something from the list?



Everyone holds a secret

Everyone holds a secret, one that chase them around, one that haunts them at night, one that goes through their everyday life. Everyone holds a secret, one that no one knows, one they’ll keep forever, one they’ll never tell. Everyone’s holding back, when you see them walk through the serious street in the middle of the crowd. Everyone’s holding back, when you watch them laugh, when you watch them cry, when you watch them shout, when you watch them smile.

Nobody knows what happens, when the curtains are finally closed, and that remains a mystery for the outer world. Nobody knows what’s hiding behind each pair of eyelashes, which keeps more secrets we could even imagine. Nobody knows the pain hidden behind a mask, no one can see the joy in the corner of a tear.

 So I don’t know which is the secret you’re holding or if someday you will reveal it. I don’t know even if you are aware that your holding a secret, the one you try to see but can’t never realize, the one that slips out of your hands and out of your tears. I’ll just tell you that everyone holds a secret, one that haunts them at night, one they’ll keep forever, one they’ll never tell.

It’s been years since I last uploaded something, I’m sorry. I was very busy with Christmas stuff as well as a short novel I’m writing for a contest. I will come up with something very soon, see you in my next entry ❤



For all those who are not here

For all those who are not here we sing to the mountains. For all those no one will forget and will keep living in our minds. For all those who are not here we pray to the sky, for them to have a good trip and be forever free. Those who are now so confusing that we can’t see them between the crowd or flying with the birds, those who have gone because they had to. For all of them is that we write stories and we sing songs, for all those who are right now watching us from above.

Death is a pillage, always stalking. We can find it just around the corner, with or without any intention. No matter what we do, she will be waiting for us but until the day we stop living, we will be singing to the mountains and praying to the sky for the ones that have gained a place in our hearts. For all those who we love and are not here.