Light the night away

Light the night away, my dear, because the most annoying thing in the world for an insomniac is night. Full of darkness, full of fear. With the incapacity to fade in a parallel light, or in a perilous dream.   Light the night away, I say. I beg, I pray. Because there is no such [...]

Invisible locket

She grabbed the locket so hard she could remember his smell, his sight and his touch. She remembered the night when he gave it to her. When he passed it around her neck and stressed on how beautiful she looked. She held it so hard it brought to her all those memories she had been [...]

Canción azul

Te sorprendería saber que sólo le he sido fiel a una persona durante toda mi secundaria. Probablemente de manera inconsciente. Hace poco me volví a enamorar, un flechazo que ha durado un año hasta ahora. Uno de hermosos ojos café claro, iguales a los tuyos. Es tan alto como tú y tiene el mismo peinado hacia [...]