I'm afraid of darkness when it doesn't let me see what is standing in front of me. And I'm afraid of darkness when she blocks my thoughts. Also when I come to remember what she makes me think and the way she controls my feelings. I'm afraid of darkness because she changes people's hearts, as [...]


When the finally rotten strawberries, the apple hanging in the tree falls, there will be a replica of the place we call home. When the sun stop shining over us and start running cold is when you can say that time will be gone. When the lighthouse in the rain shake and break is when [...]

A blackout

There, in the middle of the blackout, standing in the lonely and foggy pastures behind the mysterious shack, he could see the skyline. The dark skyline he wasn't able to understand. He could see ships, roses and planes. He could see lighthouses working as sentinels and low waves containing high-rise buildings. The vultures transforming into [...]