Bad dreams

Bad dreams,

poison in my bloodstreams,

gas in the middle of screams,

shivers carried by silent beams.


Bad dreams,

toxic air in my lungs,

bitterness in my tongue,

horrors becoming young.


Bad dreams,

howling in the moonlight,

tarnishing white,

with dark knights.


Bad dreams,

measured with tears,

hiding gloomy cheers,

playing with the gears,

of my quivering fears.



Never again

Meeting him wasn’t an accident and it can be considered a fortune in some situations, trying to make agreements with him is impossible, fighting with him is hard to avoid. Smiling to him is difficult, looking in his eyes is like falling by a deep cliff. When I met him he was hidden in the shadows, he was trapped behind a glass and his voice sounded like the echo of a violin. He asked me if I wanted to be his friend. Doubtful, I said yes.

And now here we are, arguing in every direction we go. Fighting in every choice we make, he’s essential he keeps me in the shadows, away from the world. He likes to be in control and sometimes he doesn’t realize how far he’s going. So listen to me, Fear, if you’re reading I would like to tell you that one day I had the black fortune to meet you but I won’t let you take over my life, never again.